Knowlege Quarter Masterplan

May 2015

Knowlege Quarter Masterplan

‘Liverpool has grown out of and become part of the fabric of a great commercial city, it derives a large measure of its support, a considerable field of research, and much of the interest of its daily life, from the City and Port of Liverpool.

‘The University can contribute to its recovery, not only in the material sense by rebuilding a part of the town sadly in need of reconstruction, but also in a social sense by continuing to live in the centre of its region… 

‘Liverpool University, removed to a rural setting, would he of far less service to the community than if it remained.’

William Holford, 1949

The University has become detached from the vibrant city of Liverpool through major perimeter development. The University’s existing ‘campus within a city’ typology can only work if the public can interact with the space. In order to reintegrate the University with the city and to encourage the future retention of talent, the campus must visually showcase its academia to the public and promote the city’s character to its students.

This masterplan reconfigures the campus facilities to create clear zoning, with the introduction of a spine bisecting the site, connecting a central cultural quarter to a series of academic quarters. The cultural quarter is split in two by the spine, a collection of pavilions on one side, and open spaces on the other. The pavilions host academic and cultural events and exhibitions, study spaces, retail units, and society rooms. Across the spine is an expansive series of open spaces, creating a much needed break from the urban fabric of the campus: spaces for sport, gathering and relaxation.

To further promote the city to students, it is proposed that a street in the city would be regenerated, with the introduction of business incubators for students and recent graduates.