University Theatre

June 2015

University Theatre

The new University Theatre replaces the existing Union building. As part of a masterplan of the campus, many of the social and administrative functions of the Union have been relocated elsewhere. This scheme modernises and expands upon the remaining performance spaces, as well as providing a much needed expansion in the capacity for societies’ activities.

The existing Union was composed of two parts, the 1913 listed Reilly Building, and a more recent extension. The new scheme retains the listed section, restoring its rear facade, creating a strengthened connection between new and old.

Conceived as a series of volumes, the design echoes the exposed masses of the Reilly Building. These volumes contain spaces for activities which require privacy, such as theatre and dance. Found space, created between, above & below these volumes, is used for activities and circulation. This allows for passing glimpses of other activities throughout the building.

The facade is pulled up, echoing the curtains of the theatre inside. Creating a permeable ground floor, increasing the sense of inclusiveness and connectivity with the campus.